Antitrust Law

We evaluate antitrust risks associated with various agreements. We help our clients litigate with antitrust authorities and ensure that transactions comply with antitrust laws.

Examples of our work:

Documenting and recognizing provisions, including for abandonment costs
Documenting and recording inventory results in books and financial statements; detecting and documenting shrinkage and improperly recorded goods, as well as the causes

Recognizing and reporting prior-period errors and misstatements in books and financial statements

Recognizing non-cash equity contributions

Calculating the net asset value as on a reporting date when misstatements are detected in preparing financial statements

Implementing separate accounts for input VAT for VATable and VAT-exempt operations

Implementing separate accounts for input VAT for domestic sales and exports

Recognizing reinstatement of VAT for traditional and nontraditional exporters

RAS approach to identifying and recognizing goodwill

Accounting for bonuses received and paid

Accounting for exchange rate differences

Accounting and reporting in connection with various types of restructuring, such as mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and transformations

Depreciating fixed assets for which the useful life changes while in use and through upgrades

Recognizing intangible exploration assets after proving commercial viability of production

Correcting primary accounting records

Applying the new federal law ‘On Accounting’ (Federal Law No. 402-FZ)