Commercial and contract law

Our services include support for real estate sales transactions, performing title examinations, establishing the parties’ rights and obligations, developing contractual liability arrangements and assisting in state registration of title transfers. We develop performance security models using pledge and surety agreements and security sales and purchase transactions. We provide support for lease and investment relations and develop all types of agreements, including comprehensive and complex agreement models. We issue legal opinions and memoranda. Our professionals assess the legal risks associated with business transactions, develop recommendations for risk management and mitigation and run transaction validity checks. We help clients choose the most efficient contract models and develop default and liability rules.

Examples of our work:

  • We developed a set of related paid-service agreements for a global distance sales giant.

  • We developed a series of intra-group agreements for a major advertising group.

  • We developed an intra-group borrowing agreement for a global distance sales giant’s cash pooling system.

  • We developed and implemented a master sale agreement for a leading global producer of sporting goods.