Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions and Arbitral Awards

We help our clients achieve recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitral awards, including under complex circumstances (such as debtor bankruptcy or arbitration clauses signed by fax). We also support international court cases involving Russian companies or a significant Russian component. We issue legal opinions on Russian law for presentation to foreign courts and/or foreign arbitral tribunals. 

Examples of our work:

  • We represented a major European producer of hoisting machinery in a case regarding the recognition and enforcement of a foreign court decision on the principles of international law (the principle of reciprocity and international courtesy.) The case set the precedent in Russia. 

  • We ensured the recognition and enforcement of an award of an Italian arbitral tribunal under peculiar circumstances (the agreement and arbitration clause had been executed via facsimile.) 

  • We ensured the recognition and enforcement of a LCIA award under the circumstance of debtor bankruptcy.