Tax Disputes

Schekin & Partners provides full legal support in tax controversies of any complexity, including disputes relating to VAT refunds, foreign company taxation and tax exemptions.

We help our clients settle tax controversies at the administrative stage and avoid litigation. By adopting the right defense approach from the very start of a tax audit, we can prevent additional tax assessments at the stage when the tax authority issues a decision.

In roughly 60-70% of tax controversies, our professionals successfully avoid additional tax liabilities at the pre-litigation stage.

Tax disputes have significant procedural peculiarities. Our specialists know how to find relevant past court rulings, structure the evidence and arrange the reasons and arguments in order to successfully defend our clients in court.

Schekin & Partners has handled hundreds of tax cases and gained a wealth of experience, which helps us win.

Examples of our work:

  • Disputes of a number of companies challenging the tax authority’s claims about unjustified tax benefits and failure to exercise prudence in selecting vendors  

  • Disputes of companies across industries regarding additional tax assessments under Article 40 of the Russian Tax Code (as applicable to transactions before 1 January 2012, the rules for regulatory oversight over whether transaction prices are at arm’s length) 

  • Litigation regarding the application of thin capitalization rules (Article 269 of the Russian Tax Code)

  • Disputes about the choice of the right period to recognize interest under loan agreements and other similar agreements in expenses (Article 272 of the Russian Tax Code)

  • Disputes arising from various claims regarding MET calculation 

  • Disputes regarding denied VAT deductions and additional VAT assessments in relation to reinstatement of VAT on different grounds, etc.